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Below you will find workshops as well as community events from wellness professionals and community members.
August 11th
Yoga For Prosperity – Replacing “Not Enough” with Self Affirmation

In this workshop we will go over internal mental attitudes that allow prosperity to flourish in our lives. We will do a meditation to clear our past experiences and a breathing exercise so that you start appreciating the first blessing in life. Then we’ll do a self-affirmation meditation to establish a foundation for healthy mental habits and a daily meditation practice for prosperity. You will also be getting a handout of the meditation for your home practice.

Please bring your water bottle, a yoga mat, and a journal if you would like to record your experiences.

$35 if registered by August 4
$45 after August 4 or on the day of the workshop


August 15th
Self Care for Nonprofit Professionals

Running a business is hard, even harder when it’s a nonprofit. Stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue are all too common with very real negative health implications. The good news is, they are not only preventable, but the ways in which we can be proactive in prevention that can increase productivity and outcomes in the work day.


September 29th
Ignite Your Intuition with Linda Charles

Learn the powerful self-healing tools of PROCESS COACHING®
“Your Intuition won’t fail you; the quest dear is to silence your mind so you can feel your way home.” Nikki Rowe.

-Retrieve & heal past lives as your own shaman. Gain intuitive insights by reading the energy of others. Clear unwanted energy & free up your intuition. Channel from your deepest Being. Learn to ‘stalk’ and dispel negative self-talk. Process Coaching is a unique approach for achieving deep emotional healing in the service of manifesting what you truly want. You will learn the powerfully effective tools and inner art of Process Coaching, a synthesis of Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Right Use of Will, Shamanic Wisdom, Psychic Awareness, and the Intuitive Arts.


Linda Charles


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