Clinical Supervision

Clinical Social Worker/ Therapist, LCSW #23919

What to Expect:

My personal & professional approach in supervision is collaborative & supportive! Your professional development & therapeutic competence are the key focus areas. You can expect to grow your awareness, conceptualization and practical skills-all vital to your success as a professional counselor. Supervision meetings will be fun, exciting & thought-provoking by offering instruction & knowledge through experiential activities & exercises.

Who Can Benefit from Clinical Supervision?

  • Associate Clinical Social Workers (ASW)
  • Associate Marriage & Family Therapist & Trainees (AMFT)
  • Associate Professional Clinical Counselors (APCC)
See Testimony from - Sam Pan, LPCC Intern

Melissa Hensel, LCSW was my clinical supervisor while employed as a mental health clinician at a community mental health agency. She was approachable and made herself available for professional consultation or just personal support. I appreciated Melissa‘s attention to the interns well-being and needs, both clinical and individual, and willingness to hear us out. She allowed me the opportunity to learn and grow as a clinician, providing a safe space for me to explore the clinical process while testing and guiding my understanding of it.

Weekly 1 hour Supervision Session

Receive individual Supervision catered to your specific licensure requirements of profession such as LPCC, LCSW or LMFT


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Clinical Consultation

As a new therapist, are you looking for additional support that provides clinical consultation?

I am also here for those professionals early in their career and looking to benefit from case reviews, peer consultation and general guidance in being a successful clinical practitioner. My 15 years of clinical experience in various medical and mental health settings has provided my invaluable knowledge and skills set that I am excited to share with you.


See Testimony from Rommel Damasco - MFT Intern, LMFT
Melissa has been instrumental to my growth as a clinician and a therapist. Melissa served as my clinical supervisor as an MFT intern and has been an advisor and consultant post licensure.  Melissa possesses an incredible capacity to evaluate and support all ranges of clinical issues, most especially challenging and complex cases. As an intern, she was able to quickly identify my clinical concerns, provide feedback on the overarching themes to address while helping to model the intricate details crucial in helping to promote movement and positive change in the clients and families I served.
Melissa also encouraged my best work while challenging me to grow in areas that I needed to develop. She held me to the highest clinical and ethical standards and ensured I followed through my clinical responsibilities while providing me support  and encouragement in times of frustration and burnout.
Melissa has also been instrumental in supporting me in my professional and career endeavors. Melissa‘s array of experiences in various clinical settings throughout Sacramento and surrounding counties has been invaluable, particularly while making important career choices post licensure. Melissa‘s knowledge of inpatient and outpatient programs and private practice has been critical in helping me identify the best employment and  clinical and professional settings which aligns with my passion and mission.
Melissa has been unbelievable supervisor, mentor and colleague. Her passion for the field and her commitment to those she serves and support is truly admirable. She is accessible and dependable and her bright energy is an absolute joy to be around.

1 hour Clinical Consultation

Pay as you go personal 1-on-1 consultations for professional development, collaborations and mental health support.


Still Have Questions?

I truly enjoy helping professionals establish their clinical foundation for therapeutic confidence and competency.

For further discussion to determine if I would be a good fit to help you to reach your professional goals, call (916) 548-1701 or email-